Who We Are

Incisive Strategy is a public affairs firm that offers media relations, government affairs, reputational management, strategic campaigning, crisis communications as well as the myriad of unexpected situations that may invariably rise in the midst of a crisis. We specialize in situations that are complex yet need an immediate reaction.

We are committed, experienced, trustworthy, and professional.
We know exactly how to help.
We care.

The Genesis of Incisive Strategy

Our team at Incisive Strategy can help you through times of crisis, public and government relations, campaigning, and corporate communications. We have been where you are right now. We know the problems you face and how to solve them.

Ahmad Attia’s personal experience is a large part of who we are because his story is the very reason we exist. In fact, Incisive Strategy was born through a crisis that he and his family overcame through an international human rights campaign.

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Our Services

Incisive Strategy is happy to offer you a variety of services. With a wealth of collective experience executing purpose-driven campaigns, our team is specialized in...

Human Rights Campaigning
Our team has traveled the world helping innocent people who have found themselves the victim of political oppression or persecution. We run end-to-end campaigns on all platforms, including government advocacy, media, collaborating with human rights organizations, public mobilization, social media outreach, and more to free victims from complex ordeals.
Litigation Support
Legal battles can elicit unexpected media attention. We work with our clients and their legal teams to develop the communications strategy that will best help them in the court of public opinion, protect their reputation, and protect their future.
Advocacy & Government Relations
We advocate on behalf of our clients’ human rights concerns with governments and other public institutions. This is a key measure used in driving government action to intervene and resolve our clients’ ordeals.
Political Campaigning
We develop and design issues-based campaigns for all levels of government, run communications, execute campaign operations, and most other dimensions to winning a political campaign
Corporate Communications
The way a company or non-for-profit responds to a crisis can be the difference between success and failure. We develop communication plans, crisis responses, and messages for our clients.
Reputation Management
We help our clients respond to smear campaigns by taking legal action and taking control of the public perception of an organization or a person by redefining their online and offline footprint.
Media Relations & Training
We use our connections with media contacts to advocate for our clients and share their stories. We help frame your narrative, create compelling messages and storylines, and help you develop responses to difficult questions and shape a convincing message in moments of crisis.
Issues Campaigning
We architect campaigns to drive public mobilization to help organizations, activists, and businesses fight for an important cause, shift the public narrative, and initiate policy changes

Why Choose Us?

Our values set us apart from other firms. At Incisive Strategy, we are committed to making the world a better place by doing work that matters. We care about our clients and their causes.

It is the core of everything we do. We are selective about who we work with and promote only what we support and believe in.
Positive Change
Every time we save a life, create social change, or improve human rights in any way, we consider that a victory. We believe in changing the world one cause at a time.
Our team embraces technology and innovation in everything we do. Technology has changed the world around us, and the way we communicate with the world must also change.
End to Human Rights Abuse
Worldwide freedom and justice is our highest priority, and it is our mission to see individuals free from unlawful detainment and suffering from the hands of oppressive governments and war.


Mastering the art of communication is central to public relations and crisis management. Over the past decade – with the cannonade of instant messages and evolving social media platforms – we have become infinitely more connected to one another. But along with our varied methods of communication comes a greater margin for error – because...

In times of crisis, Incisive Strategy helps guide and advise organizations and people when they are under monumental stress and pressure. One of the most important and crucial aspects of crisis management is communication with the public and stakeholders (e.g. media, human rights organizations and politicians). At Incisive Strategy we cover different types of crisis...

Giving voice to the silenced inspires our crisis communication approach.

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